Scott Architecture

Scott Architecture is a full service architecture firm specializing in all architecture that provides living space.  This includes custom homes, production homes, multifamily homes, elderly living facilities and all of the accessory structures related to these projects.  Our area of expertise is focused on living architecture but our scope within that field is vast.  We have direct experience with any scale project from one room additions and kitchen renovations to 10,000 sq. ft. custom homes and 40 unit multifamily communities with clubhouse. 

Bicentennial Barn Project: Preface to Design

First of all I need to explain to you that I’m not cool.  This will not come as a surprise to those of you that know me.  Most architects seem to have this cool demeanor.  The old Lombardi “act like you’ve been there before” football reference.  When it comes to my work I get very excited and I lose all sense of professionalism (whatever that is).  I’ve been known to exclaim, “Woop Woop” on my Facebook page and use a smiley face every once in a while.

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Architects are Servants…really.

I consider myself in a service profession, therefore a servant.  People hire me mainly for one reason, they literally cannot do the work themselves.  Either they do not have the technical knowledge or they do not have the right credentials.  In Ohio to do construction work on any commercial project, the plans must be drawn, stamped and submitted by a registered architect.  However, any person can submit drawings for a single family residence.  No restrictions.  

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Blend work, play, passion & power.

I am a part of the lucky few that loves their job AND their life.  Even though I could make different choices, I am satisfied that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing, for now.  I am a residential architect, a wife and a mother to three adolescent boys.  While it is always difficult to manage a career and a family, I have found a mix that works for me and my family.  It’s not always easy (or pretty) but it works. Satisfaction in life is the biggest blessing I could imagine.

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